Aggressive Bigfoot Encounter

Witness: Elizabeth (last name on file)

County: Laurel

City: London, Kentucky

Date of encounter: 8-12-2017

Time of encounter: 9pm

Follow Up: 8-13-2017

A frantic voicemail was left with the KBRO around midnight the previous evening. We spoke with the witness and her mother over the phone on 8-13-2017 and made arrangements to meet the family in person that afternoon.

Approximately 8 miles from the witness’ home, we stopped for gas. Another “completely random” Bigfoot witness approached us after seeing the logo on Terry’s jeep. He proceeded to briefly share his Class A (visual sighting) he had a few years ago. We asked him to fill out a report online. Hopefully we will be able to document his encounter.

Sketch by Terry Thomas

On Friday night (8-12-2017) the witness had just tucked her two small children in bed for the night. It was approximately 9pm when she heard something in the backyard. She looked out the kitchen window and to her disbelief, an 8 foot, massive figure was standing next to her above-ground swimming pool. It was facing her, but looking down in the pool to its left. After about a second it turned its head and looked directly at her. There is a security light at the opposite end of the house, but not strong enough to illuminate the creature’s face. “I could not see details of the face. It was too dark,” explained Elizabeth. The creature appeared to have long, black, uniform hair covering its entire body, about a foot in length. Its shoulders were estimated at about 3’6” wide, with long arms hanging to its knees. As soon as the creature looked in her direction, it reared back as if to take a deep breath and that’s when Elizabeth jerked the curtains closed! As she ran to the living room, the creature let out a deep yell which lasted about 10-15 seconds. Elizabeth grabbed her pistol and sat in the corner of the living room. The creature proceeded to bang on the side of the house multiple times. She made a desperate phone call to her family. After they arrived and searched the property, the creature had already vanished.

About four years prior, the family spotted the creature a few times, but at a far greater distance. Neighbors have also had visual sightings. We spoke to one of the neighbors that evening, a ginseng hunter, who saw an “upright,” hairy creature at about 150 yards. Him and his wife watched it cross a dirt road on two legs in broad daylight. The neighbors’ sighting occurred only a few miles from this sighting the prior year. So the family was well-aware of a possible Bigfoot in the area, but they were never concerned up until this point. And they never spoke to outsiders for fear of ridicule.

Terry standing where the creature stood. The witness said it was about two feet taller.

The grass was too thick to reveal obvious tracks.

Security light unfortunately did not clearly illuminate its face from that distance.

Four years prior a family member observed an upright, hairy creature walk this ridge
from left to right. The property backs up to the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Also around four years prior, mother and daughter observed an upright creature on the
opposite side of the neighbor's pond around 7:30am as they waited for the school bus.

Recently cracked siding 8 foot up from the ground where "something" hit the house.

- Charlie Raymond and Terry Thomas, Investigators

Website submission 5-25-08

Witness: David (last name on file)

Which county? Laurel

Estimated date? 5-24-08

Estimated time? 3:34am

What city, or nearest city? London

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

How many witnesses?

Please describe your encounter:
I was walking down a trail surrounded by about 40 acres of woods near a pond and small stream. I heard leaves crunching behind me turned around and did not see a thing. I walked a little farther and noticed I smelled the worse thing I have ever smelled it smelled like I was in a swamp. I heard leaves crunching again beside me I looked and saw it .It was probably 15 or 20 feet away. It stared at me for about 30 seconds and I ran towards the house which is a while down the trail about 1/4 of a mile. I haven’t seen it or went back again.

Describe the creature with detail:
10 foot tall, smelled horrible, long arms went under waist line, flat face, large head, big body, brown hair on top of head and covered with black hair.

Additional Info: 40 acres of fenced in forest and on the other side of the fence is more forest, large pond, long stream.


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