Encounters More Probable In Active Areas

Witness: Chuck Shutters

County: Jackson County, Indiana

Exact location: Confidential due to ongoing research in the area.

Date of encounter: Late Spring 2006

Time of day: Just after midnight.

Length of sighting: About a minute.

Chuck, a novice Bigfoot enthusiast at the time, had just finished an evening of squatching in an area known for ongoing Bigfoot activity. He had just began his drive home when he spotted two large burnt-orange eyes on the left side of the road. He initially thought they were reflectors in a driveway or perhaps on a tree so he never slowed down--never thinking he would actually see a Bigfoot! As he drove by the eyes, to his astonishment he saw a dark, hairy figure standing by a tree.

It had dark, almost black hair, approximately 2 inches long, very wide shoulders, huge trapezoid muscles, dark skin on its face and a very wide mouth. The corners of the mouth lined up under the corners of its huge eyes. "The eyes and mouth were most noticeable. It looked shocked, as if it was caught with its hand in the cookie jar," recalled Chuck. The mouth was open and he thinks he saw a row of flat teeth, as he recalled seeing the color white, not black. Chuck couldn't recall seeing a nose or other details of the face.

On 5-14-2016, investigators Travis Knuckles and Charlie Raymond met Chuck at the sighting location. After attending a few KBRO expeditions and being asked to share his encounter a few times publicly in a group setting (proved too difficult), he agreed to document his encounter. This encounter was very emotional for Chuck and it has been difficult for him to share it openly until now. Chuck thankfully agreed to document his encounter for two reasons: 1) To benefit ongoing Bigfoot research in the area and 2) To help his own healing process. Some encounters are life-changing, traumatic events.....understandably so!

- Charlie Raymond and Travis Knuckles, Lead Investigators


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